Kick-off meeting
13 November 2019
The meeting took place at the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking premises, Brussels (Belgium)
Brussels – Pilot3 Kick-off meeting

Pilot3 presentation at AGIFORS – 03JUN – 19h00 CEST
Pilot3 was presented in the next AGIFORS – Airline Operations 2020 Study Group Meeting, which was held online! Visit the online conference website to learn more about how Pilot3 will estimate airlines’ performance indicators and consider ATM uncertainty when optimising trajectories for crew support tools.

Pilot3 presented at PACEdays 2020
Every year, PACEdays brings together current and prospective users of Pacelab software, international aerospace and aviation professionals and PACE experts for two bustling days of high-level networking and peer sharing. Pilot3  was presented as part of the ‘PACE/TXT Passion for Innovation’ showcase room.
Visit the event’s website here
See the flyer here

10th SESAR Innovation Days 2020 – 7-10 DEC 2020
A poster describing Pilot3 was presented as part of the SESAR Innovation Days.

Pilot3 workshop – Optimisation results – 6 JUL 2021
In this on-line workshop we presented the results obtained by the first prototype of Pilot3 with focus on the optimisation framework, cost function modelling and trajectory optimisation results. We gathered feedback from the Advisory Board.

Pilot3 presentation at AGIFORS – 13 JUL 2021
The reactionary delay models developed for Pilot3 and Dispatcher3 were presented at the AGIFORS – Airline Operation & Maintenance conference 2021, which was held online. The presentation  ‘Prediction of reactionary delay and cost using machine learning’ was awarded ‘Best Presentation – given to the best overall presentation in terms of content, organization, delivery, and professionalism’.

Pilot3 presentation at Engage KTN Thematic challenge2 – 3 SEP 2021
‘Machine learning to improve tactical flight decision making: the case of Pilot3’ was presented at the Engage KTN Thematic challenge 2: AI, ML and Automation workshop

11th SESAR Innovation Days – 7-9 DEC 2021
A poster and videos presenting the optimisation framework of Pilot3 were presented as part of the SESAR Innovation Days.

Pilot3 Final Advisory Board meeting – 13 JAN 2022
The final Advisory Board meeting of Pilot3 was held on-line. The main findings and results of the projects where shared with the Advisory Board and feedback obtained for future developments!